Monday, November 24, 2008

what really causeses climet change? try that big fiery thing in the sky!

Global warming is just a way to regain classes in society where only the rich can afford

fancy things. temperature began to rise before 1940 and then fell until 1975 the opposite of

the co2! the two have no scientific correlation! co2 accounts for .045 percent of the

atmosphere. the atmosphere isn't raising its temperature as much as the surface. the

temperature actually causes the co2 to rise by an 800 year lag. animals and dieing plants

create more co2 than all the humans combined. global warming is an anti capitalist pice of

propaganda, guess who believes in it...... Obama! the same man who refuses to wear the flag

ignor my ranting just watch the movie it has the facts.
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part 2
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A guest post on *insert color here* power

The following is not completely my opinion but is pretty damn close so here you go:
"quoted from a black friend
"Malcolm X plus Martin Luther Jr equal to President Obama
A good Math Equation"

Okay first off, do you have any idea who the fuck Malcolm X was?

He was a member of "The Nation of Islam"

The Nation of Islam, is a BLACK SUPREMECIST group. They believe in BLACK POWER and RACIAL SEPERATISM.

Know who else believes in Racial Seperatism?

-Aryan Nations
-Hammerskin Nation
-Keystone United
-National Alliance

Each one of those groups have a belief in White Seperatism or White Nationalism.

Now tell me, why can you support a man who was a member of The Nation of Islam (Which along with the 6 White groups, the SPLC considers a "Hate Group"), but not someone who belongs to a White Nationalist group?

For example, at school. If you go around and be one of the few who have the BALLS to stand up for our race by doing things such as passing out flyers and talking about issues, then you will most definatly be suspended, if not expelled.

I heard the following come out of black's mouths today

-"It's not the WHITE House any more!"
-"Our brothers in the white house now!"
-"Let's go Malcolm X, MLK, and now Obama!"

Okay. If you kept the same topic, but switched it so it is suited for WHITE people, it would be considered racist.

"Yeah! We still got the White House!"
"Hitler, Rockefeller, Hal Turner, McCain!"

If you ignorant fucking black people can walk around praising Malcolm X, then my PROUD, WHITE, "RACIST", ASS will walk around praising the daring men and women who serve our race in the KKK, Keystone United, HSN, and the National Socialist Movement.

Sieg Heil"
code name:

Why goverment controled health care is bad

You ever sit in traffic? same deal your just having a heart attack or bleeding to death or are deathly ill. i mean look at the other things you've let the government do (ex: the economy, war, traffic, you ever have to deal with the post office?)
i just dont think applying that to peoples lives is a good idea.

Why socialism is bad

socialism is the theory that we should spread the wealth so everyone is even everyone is doing good sounds good right? WRONG there are quite a few problems with that theory for example if you work your ass off and make a new innovative product and make a ton of money too bad you only get what you need to live but if you sit on your ass all day and do nothing or don't make an effort to do much at all guess what you get what you need to live also. its anti progressive when your makeing virtialy the same product no matter how hard you try i mean say you got paid the same to be a heart surgon as you did to be a fry cook wich would you do? go to medical school and learn to be a hear surgon and barley get paid for a high stress job or just be a fast food guy and get what is ultamitly basicly the same ammount. you may have heard of the term "spreading the wealth" thats basicly what that means obama is creating massive tax cuts for the middle class and pileing on the taxes for the upper class to put the entire country fry shef or heart surgon into a massive middle class. you may think of that as good but really think about it if you have any sense you would be the fry cook, soon we will be a country of idiotic un-educated counterproductive fry cook sheeple.


why is everyone so afraid of guns i mean there good they protect ppl from nuts they keep criminals at bay they keep the government fearing the ppl they give ppl some amount of power do you know what thats why the goverment campaigns against them they want all the power and dont go say "but drew guns kill ppl and cause crime" no thats a thought implanted in your head by the mass media they constantly put neggitive connotations on them did you know that in the states that have the right to cary guns there are the lowwest crime rates of anywhere in the country thats something they wont tell you and if we were all carying them when some nut comes out of no where with a gun guess what there wont be a slaughter it will be maybe one or two shots fired from him and everyone else will kill that S.O.B. and if everyone carryed them you would be better traained to use them it would be common practice there would be fewer accidents due to straight up stupidity and children would not be completly ignorant of them i mean why would you tell them just to not touch it i mean thats stupid there gona mess with them why not train them they say knowladge is power why not teach them rather then tell them there evil and never to be touched(damn im way off in a rant)
ok im done for now but you get the point
more later

what the hell are we thinking

we elected a guy because he was least like the other guy i mean why would you do that i mean hes a socialist and people don't seem to understand that i mean fuck the FRENCH love him its been said that the more little countrys like a country the less they are threatened by them i mean this all sucks i rather have a goverment feared than loved love dose not keep pepole in check and thats all the govement is there for fucking keeping ppl in check