Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A guest post on *insert color here* power

The following is not completely my opinion but is pretty damn close so here you go:
"quoted from a black friend
"Malcolm X plus Martin Luther Jr equal to President Obama
A good Math Equation"

Okay first off, do you have any idea who the fuck Malcolm X was?

He was a member of "The Nation of Islam"

The Nation of Islam, is a BLACK SUPREMECIST group. They believe in BLACK POWER and RACIAL SEPERATISM.

Know who else believes in Racial Seperatism?

-Aryan Nations
-Hammerskin Nation
-Keystone United
-National Alliance

Each one of those groups have a belief in White Seperatism or White Nationalism.

Now tell me, why can you support a man who was a member of The Nation of Islam (Which along with the 6 White groups, the SPLC considers a "Hate Group"), but not someone who belongs to a White Nationalist group?

For example, at school. If you go around and be one of the few who have the BALLS to stand up for our race by doing things such as passing out flyers and talking about issues, then you will most definatly be suspended, if not expelled.

I heard the following come out of black's mouths today

-"It's not the WHITE House any more!"
-"Our brothers in the white house now!"
-"Let's go Malcolm X, MLK, and now Obama!"

Okay. If you kept the same topic, but switched it so it is suited for WHITE people, it would be considered racist.

"Yeah! We still got the White House!"
"Hitler, Rockefeller, Hal Turner, McCain!"

If you ignorant fucking black people can walk around praising Malcolm X, then my PROUD, WHITE, "RACIST", ASS will walk around praising the daring men and women who serve our race in the KKK, Keystone United, HSN, and the National Socialist Movement.

Sieg Heil"
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