Wednesday, November 5, 2008


why is everyone so afraid of guns i mean there good they protect ppl from nuts they keep criminals at bay they keep the government fearing the ppl they give ppl some amount of power do you know what thats why the goverment campaigns against them they want all the power and dont go say "but drew guns kill ppl and cause crime" no thats a thought implanted in your head by the mass media they constantly put neggitive connotations on them did you know that in the states that have the right to cary guns there are the lowwest crime rates of anywhere in the country thats something they wont tell you and if we were all carying them when some nut comes out of no where with a gun guess what there wont be a slaughter it will be maybe one or two shots fired from him and everyone else will kill that S.O.B. and if everyone carryed them you would be better traained to use them it would be common practice there would be fewer accidents due to straight up stupidity and children would not be completly ignorant of them i mean why would you tell them just to not touch it i mean thats stupid there gona mess with them why not train them they say knowladge is power why not teach them rather then tell them there evil and never to be touched(damn im way off in a rant)
ok im done for now but you get the point
more later

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