Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why socialism is bad

socialism is the theory that we should spread the wealth so everyone is even everyone is doing good sounds good right? WRONG there are quite a few problems with that theory for example if you work your ass off and make a new innovative product and make a ton of money too bad you only get what you need to live but if you sit on your ass all day and do nothing or don't make an effort to do much at all guess what you get what you need to live also. its anti progressive when your makeing virtialy the same product no matter how hard you try i mean say you got paid the same to be a heart surgon as you did to be a fry cook wich would you do? go to medical school and learn to be a hear surgon and barley get paid for a high stress job or just be a fast food guy and get what is ultamitly basicly the same ammount. you may have heard of the term "spreading the wealth" thats basicly what that means obama is creating massive tax cuts for the middle class and pileing on the taxes for the upper class to put the entire country fry shef or heart surgon into a massive middle class. you may think of that as good but really think about it if you have any sense you would be the fry cook, soon we will be a country of idiotic un-educated counterproductive fry cook sheeple.

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